Cláudia Pinto

Head of philanthropy and sustainability advisor HH Sheikh Marwan bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Cláudia Pinto, head of philanthropy and sustainability advisor HH Sheikh Marwan bin Rashid Al Maktoum
and Founder of the Empowering Women platform where philanthropy walk hand with hand with social entrepreneurship.

Cláudia Pinto’s extensive experience and leadership in philanthropy, sustainability, and diplomacy make her a driving force for positive change. 

Her dedication to empowering women, promoting sustainability, and fostering social entrepreneurship is commendable. Through her various roles and initiatives, she’s making significant contributions to building a better future for communities in Dubai, the Middle East, and beyond

Saif Al-Yasi

Fitness coach and health expert, Founder of BeHuman Academy

Saif Al-Yasi, founder of BeHuman Academy in 2023 as a main coach for self-development in many areas mainly in relationships bringing his personal experience in how he changed to be a better husband/ father. Originally from Baghdad and raised in UK, and living in UAE.
His background in Biology and Biotechnology, coupled with Master’s degrees in Business Administration and in Bodybuilding and Nutrition (IFBB, YMCA), uniquely positions him in the fitness and health realm. With over 10 years of experience in personal training and a transformative personal health journey, Saif brings both expertise and empathy to his role.
 Additionally, He has served as the General Manager of a medical equipment company for 22 years, further enriching his understanding of the medical and health industry


Founder of Le Sabrarchitecture

Architect & Civil Eng. Master’s in Urban Planning
Founder of Le Sabrarchitecture – Dubai UAE
Head of Projects, RTS Investments Group
Board Member and Head of the free professions Committee of the Lebanese Business Council Dubai

Ahmad Sabra is from Beirut – Lebanon, an Architect & Civil Engineer. He has master’s in Urban Planning MUP, graduated from the School of Architecture of the American University of Beirut in 2001; has a degree of Architecture (FAAD) and a degree of Civil Engineering too from Notre Dame University in 1999.
Ahmad A. Sabra is founder of Le Sabrarchitecture – Dubai UAE.
Ahmad Sabra has been working in RTS Projects since more than 17years; He is the head of RTSIG projects worldwide; starting from HEE, HLG, BICC and now with RTSIG. He has designed and built a number of RTS private buildings and has managed the RTS’s construction projects and group properties.
As both an Engineer and Architect, his work takes materials like concrete, glass, and steel beyond normal bounds.
He has many years of work experience in the Gulf construction and development field, with excellent communication skills, highly motivated, ambitious, reliable, trustworthy and ethical.

Deepti Chandak

Founder and Content creator at JiveWithDeepti Founder of Luxpresso Magazine

In the year 2013, Deepti Chandak launched her Instagram account
“JiveWithDeepti” (JWD) while working as a Media Manager in Dubai. She
has since then moved up by leaps and bounds in the entertainment, travel
and fashion industry. 
She caters to her avid followers through her blogs and social media posts.
Today, across Asia and particularly the Middle East, Deepti is acknowledged as one of the most significant social influencers. 
She Won “Best Asian Blogger 2013 Masala Awards (Nominated for the same category in 2014 & 2015) UAE, and she was nominated “Best Female Personality” at Ahlan People’s Choice Awards UAE 2014
and “Best Blog” at the Ahlan People’s Choice Awards UAE 2015 & 2016, and “Lifestyle Social Media Star of the Year”, for the Stylist Magazine UAE Social Media Awards 2016 & 2017
During the pandemic, Deepti launched her online magazine “LUXpresso”. Deepti visualized presenting a peek into the luxurious life of the Elites that cater to the aspirations of individuals of all different socioeconomic levels. 

Carla Nemr

Chief Business Development Officer at Tickmill Group

Carla oversees the overall management of all strategic and operational business and customer relationships activities of all Group entities. She brings over a decade of business development and sales experience in the retail and institutional sector with some of the industry’s leading investment firms. Her strong business acumen and market awareness have beneficially contributed to the Group’s expansion strategy by identifying vital markets and growth areas.
In March 2022, Carla Nemr was nominated one of the ‘Influential Arab Women’ during the Arab Women Summit in Dubai

Dipak Bhadra

Alignment Coach, entrepreneur, and author

Dipak Bhadra is an Alignment Coach, an entrepreneur, author of Amazon #1 bestseller book “Grow Your Money Tree”, founder of Abundant Living and Certified Global Consultant with Proctor Gallagher Institute (Bob Proctor).

Dipak has been coached and mentored by Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki’s RichDad Coaching team and many other mentors.  

He has learned, understood and applied the principles of Mindset and Financial freedom and manifested his big dream of Financial Freedom.  

Dipak is helping Entrepreneurs and senior professionals to achieve Exponential growth with permanent change in all the areas of their life.

Carol glynn

Owner of Conscious Finance Coaching

Carol is passionate about empowering and educating her clients by helping them to take control of, understand and embrace their finances and create financial freedom.
Through one to one coaching, digital courses and group and corporate workshops, Carol takes the fear, worry, guilt and stress out of money. Carol helps her clients to enjoy their money, learn how to use money with intention, inline with your values and create their own version of financial freedom.
Carol is a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Chartered Accountants and trained coach (ICF).
Before setting up her own business, Carol spent two decades of corporate experience in Big 4 firms including PwC Ireland where she audited investment management banks & Ernst & Young where her clients included many of the largest Abu Dhabi government entities.
Carol then went on to work for large multinationals in Dubai including  AIG Insurance & Control Risks where she held various partnership, regional head of finance & CFO positions, managing teams of up to 150 people, across 42 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa.
Carol is also a qualified Life Coach, bringing a practical approach to life and money while truly understanding the emotional aspects of and psychology of money.
Carol’s unique blend of financial literacy and coaching provides a practical yet emotionally intelligent approach to money management. With Carol Glynn, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, and a path to financial empowerment


CEO JC Media Group and Publisher Economy Middle East

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JC Media Group LLC 
Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Economy Middle East Magazine 
Award-Winning media consultant and entrepreneur, investing in strategic business development projects in UAE, with two decades of
experience in Media publishing, Events & Entertainment setting up Forums, Seminars, and Awards industry in the UAE, GCC and wider MENA region.
Headed the operations for some of the Middle East’s leading publications including Arabian Business and Forbes Middle East, as well as
supervised their digitization process working closely with both the public and private sectors, with government entities including DWTC.
 Holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Financial Management degree from Université de Bordeaux – France.

Ira Poladko

Visionary entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach and founder of Mira Vision Board Kit

Ira Poladko is a visionary entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach and founder of Mira Vision Board Kit, known for her groundbreaking work in the field of manifesting dreams and goals.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of training programs, she is sought after by diverse audiences, and her passion lies in guiding individuals towards their own unique passions and personal fulfillment. Through her exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication, Ira continues to empower individuals and organizations to dream big and achieve extraordinary success.


Founder of AH Financial Consultancy, Economist & Certified Financial Consultant

Abdallah is the Founder of EcoLearn & Alpha Universe Group which aims to build a network of financially educated people when it comes to their financial and investment in the purpose of achieving financial success.

He is the Founder & CEO of AH Financial Consultancy, a specialist in financial and investment orientation, a financial market analyst, an economist.

 He is organizing the EcoLearn Summit for 6 years to connect business owners, investors & potential entrepreneurs around the world, supporting individuals in achieving their goals and pursuing their dreams.

Since 2016, Abdallah developed and delivered a series of educational programs; “S.A.T.S. (Simplified Abdallah Trading Strategy) “and “How to Manage your Money”; “increase your financial Intelligence” and many more with thousands of students from all over the world.

 He is an international speaker & was hosted on many TV & Radio channels in the Middle East when it comes to various economic & financial topics

Lama el kouba

Financial Markets Analyst and Trader
Leader at Alpha Universe Project
Co-Founder Alpha Women

Lama El Kouba is a Financial Markets Analyst and trader, Leader at Alpha Universe Project and CO- Founder of Alpha Women.
She holds an MBA in Banking Operations and Management and has 7 years of experience in the Banking sector in Lebanon.
Lama’s main goal is to help women worldwide to achieve financial independence, and time freedom through financial literacy which will help them in return to be strong, independent, and successful.
As Michelle Obama said “just try new things. Don’t be afraid, step out of your comfort zone and soar”, She strives to break the ceiling of regular things and I do what motivates her, inspires her, and challenges her.

eliane ghanem

Financial Markets Analyst and Trader
Leader at Alpha Universe Project Co-Founder Alpha Women

Eliane Ghanem,  is a Financial Markets Analyst and trader, Leader at Alpha Universe Project and CO- Founder of Alpha Women.
She holds a Masters degree in Business & Management Banking Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and has 18 years experience in the Banking industry as a consultant in process engineering, business analyst and project manager.
Eliane helps Women all over the world to create money out of money for themselves and others by teaching them how to build an abundant online business through financial markets and online marketing.
Her call is to remind Women that what matters the most is the freedom of choices that money offers and the flexibility of time it brings to them so they could become more connected to themselves and to their loved ones and most importantly to create the lifestyle they dream of.

Mike marta

Financial Markets Analyst and Trader
Leader at Alpha Universe Project

Mike Marta is a Financial Markets Analyst and Trader, Leader at Alpha Universe Project.
His main mission is to help traders optimize their strategy, get funded, and generate passive income so they can trade emotionally free.


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